The International Martial Art Alliance / Martial Arts Australia Committee is made up of full time professional employees, consultants, business partners and volunteers. These people are open minded and have the appropriate skills, knowledge and committment to best serve the industry. Most of these people are martial arts school owners and are very important to keep the International Martial Art Alliance / Martial Arts Australia informed of the needs the industry might require. One of the most import things for our industry is martial arts insurance that is affordable and accessible. These members have been especially selected by the Chairman and or voted into these positions to help guide the association. We also have a number of legal, financial, business and marketing professionals that back up our committee.

If you would like to be part of our Committee (Regional Directors / Advisors) or on our Professional Team
please forward your expertise details and time committment to the Chairman.

Chairman / Founder AUSTRALIA

Shihan Graham Slater 6th Dan has 35+ years experience and is based at the IMA HQ in Melbourne, Australia. He has trained all over the world seaking out numerous masters to further his knowledge. His foundation is based in karate systems but also has extensive training in Aikido, Ju jutsu, Shintaido and Tai Chi. Graham has run many schools over the past 30 years both in Australia and overseas managing up to 10 branches at a time. He was the Shotokai Karate Chief Instructor in Australia for several years leading many instructors / students to compete / train in Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Although he doesn't teach general students very much these days because of his committments to the association he is still a part owner of a full time school in Melbourne. He is an advocate for natural healing to balance the martial arts training having studied massage, reiki and shiatsu. Graham has dedicated his life to the pursuit of developing his own martial art knowledge and the promotion of martial arts in general.

IMA Chairman

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Who is Graham Slater

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He teaches a number of arts

Shotokai Karate

President JAPAN
Mr Naoharu Ishibashi 1st Dan has 20 years experience Kodokan Judo Based in Kitami, Tokyo, Japan. (Honorary position)

Technical Advisor JAPAN
Sensei Kazunobu Maekawa 5th Dan Shotokai Karate based with over 40 years experience covering other arts such as
Iaido, Aikido, Judo, Kopo & Jujitsu. Based in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Regional Directors AUSTRALIA
Dr Nigel Farrier
Western Australia

Master John Gill 5th Dan Hapkido and Taekwondo based stylist with 28 years experience.
NSW Australia

Shihan M.H.M. Hussain 5th Dan has 30 years expeirence in Sheishikan Karate and is based in Mt Lavinia, Sri Lanka

Shihan Sanjay Prasad 5th Dan in Shuri te Karate and around 30 years experience based in Bihar, India.

Sensei Kazunhiko Shirai 2nd Dan Shintaido Karate & Bojitsu with 25 years experience. Based in Tokyo Japan

Shihan Sergei Bogolepov 5th Dan Shotokan Karate with around 25 years experience. Based in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Shihan Jens Fricke 5th Dan with around 30 years experience is based in Germany