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Action Star TV Series is a unique opportunity for martial artists to get into feature films and become a Action Movie Star. Anyone can entry up to February 2009 as the show goes into production shortly after that.

Australian Action Star is an exciting new reality television show that will take viewers to a new height in entertainment. Each episode will be filled with high octane coordinated stunts, pain staking discipline, drama and heart break as the best of the best battle it out for a once in a lifetime opportunity to land a leading role in the next hot action movie, 'The Scroll'.

Whether you're an actor, model, dancer, gymnast, martial artist or think you have the talent we may be looking for, Australian Action Star will give you the opportunity to show us why you should be be the next action star, ( open to anyone over the age of 18 years).

Australian Action Star is a weekly knockout show where judges and viewers will decide who will leave and who will go into the next round and eventually win.

YOU GOT TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT (How to audition)
So you think you have what it takes to be in a hot action movie? Then your next step is to let us know who you are and audition for Australian Action Star. Simply fill in the entry form and send it along with your CV or showreel (if you have them) and the processing fee (required).

ACTION STAR TV P.O. Box 1170 Box Hill 3128 Victoria AUSTRALIA
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100 contestants will be selected to battle it out to become Australian Action Stars through our TV Series. The 100 successful contestants will be sent all the details of the show requirements and a production scedhule one month before the show starts. In general we will inform those who are successful before the end February 2009. However we will try to contact successful contestants as soon as we have selected them.

Deeper Insight Productions - AC Media Group - Anthony Li Vinni Productions

Australian Action Star TV Series or via email.
STEP 1: Fill out the entry form, add your CV or showreel and processing fee.
STEP 2: Send it to Australian Action Star P.O. Box 1170 Box Hill 3128 Victoria.
STEP 3: You will be notified if you make it into the TOP 100 for the competition.
STEP 4: Contestants will be sent details on live auditioning dates & locations.
STEP 5: Contestants enter the knockout competition.
STEP 6: Two Winners will be offered leading film roles.
*Runners up may be selected for other film roles

What is the action film THE SCROLL?
Filmed in both Australia and China starring martial arts and screen legend, Richard Norton alongside the awesome Shaolin Warrior Monks with the other stars being kept top secret at the moment. You will be sure to be kept on the edge of your seat as Director Julian Arahunga ('The Matrix', 'Once were Warriors') keeps the action and drama flowing.

What happens when the ancient Shaolin Temple clashes with western greed. Well there is sure to be lots of action and suspense as this film keeps you guessing to the very last scene.

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