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International Martial Arts Alliance /
Martial Arts Australia

This is the place where you can find a lot of information about the martial arts and running a club. You will find articles on virtually every subject based around martial arts, fitness, travel and business in connection to operating a martial arts school. There are nine pages with various links toother articles and stories starting off below this page. Go right down the page because there are heaps html and PDF articles for your reading enjoyment.

Article 1 >
Bringing Martial Artists Together
(originally published in Australasian Martial Arts Nov 2000)

Article 2>

Interview by Tai Chi & Chi Kung Instructor Morgan Buchanan (2001)

Article 3 >
Two articles taken from
'Australiasian Fighting Arts' magazine
Australiasian Fighting Arts magazine
Vol 9 No 6

Continuing Traditions of Shotokai Karate From Karate-Do Shotokai Association Australia
Article 4 >
Shi Xing Jun Interview as published in Blitz Magazine
Article 5 >
Graham Slater Interview Blitz magazine 2009 discussing the industry changes
Article 6 >
Discussing exciting time for Martial Arts School Owners as we are experiencing a new wave of popularity and it is going to get even better.
Article 7 >
Welcome to the Paul Mracek Column Page 1
What Are The Benefits Behind The Martial Arts Mindset?
Article 8 >
Welcome to the Paul Mracek
Column Page 2
Article 9 >
Basic Risk Management By Damien Martin


Instructors helping make Martial Arts more popular in your region.

In these uncertain economic times we may look at our club / business and think that we are going to lose students and possibly be forced to close the doors. When times are tough consumers cut back on their spending but still spend money on things that are important to them. For some alcohol, cigarettes and going to the footy are essential purchases while the majority believe that their health is the most important. Everyone knows if you haven't got your health your life sucks! Read The full story
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing tips

Yoga and Meditation adding a new dimention to your training

Latest Martial Arts Australia Newsletter - Jan 2010 Download pdf

Try a taste of National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA) material here too. Download selected flyers, newsletters etc GO TO THEIR PAGE

NAPMA martial arts flyer 1

NAPMA martial arts flyer 2

NAPMA martial arts 10 ways to grow your school 1

NAPMA martial arts words of the week 1
Here is a taste of a couple of books supplied by Paul Mracek (More Articles)

110 Super Successful Management Tips
you can apllied to your martial arts school

Chinese Medicine

Natural Weight Loss


Tony Ball pdf 200kb

David Crook Part 1 - Kung Fu pdf 200kb

David Crook Part 2 - Kung Fu pdf 200kb

William Cheung - Kung Fu pdf 200kb

William Cheung - Shaolin Temple pdf 400kb

William Cheung - Wooden Dummy pdf 200kb

Tino Ceberano intervie part 1 pdf 200kb

Leith Darkin Stretching part one pdf 200kb

Leith Darkin Stretching part two pdf 180kb

Enshi Karate - Dino Kardas pdf 200kb

Eric Fitzgerald - Combat Tai Chi pdf 200kb
First Aid by Darren Ball pdf 150kb

John Gill - Hapkido pdf 200kb

Rob Gear Close Quarter Combat Profile pdf 200kb

Linc Hibbs interview pdf 200kb

Tang Lai Wei pdf 200kb

Claudio Martinez pdf 450kb

Jamie Moore - Taekwondo pdf 200kb

Grant Ratclffe interview pdf 200kb

Wayne Roy - Ninjutsu pdf 200kb

Kazu Shirai - Shintaido pdf 200kb

Graham Slater pdf 140kb

Geoff Thompson pdf 200kb

Above are Interactive Martial Arts video magazine articles in pdf form without the video

Newsletters A combination of International Martial Arts Alliance pdf newsletters going back to 1993

Martial Arts Techniques Various Masters offer you training tips

Image Gallery Covering Martial Arts Masters and training sessions from all around the globe

Martial Arts VideosA combination of martial arts teaching, industry news and comedy.
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