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We have a number of photo galleries here for your enjoyment, some cover various events the IMA has run, some cover the Chairman's travels and interesting subjects. If you want photo techniques and animated gifs go to our Techniques Section. If you want videos go to our VIDEO SECTION, Enjoy!

Gallery 1 Graham Slater
Gallery 2 Graham Slater Meeting Masters
Gallery 3 Graham Slater Meeting Masters
Gallery 4 Martial Arts TV
Gallery 5 IMA Members (post yourself)

L-R Senseis Terry Bradford, Alex Albert, Linc Hibbs & Graham Slater


Vince Morris Melbourne Seminar 1994


Vince Morris Lara Seminar 1994



American Team at Melbourne University Karate Club (IMA Seminar) 2004


Vince Morris Melbourne Seminar 2003


Patrick Mcarthy Melbourne Seminar 1996
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