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New Karate Kid movie to be released in July.
It's a very exciting time for Martial Arts School Owners as we are experiencing a new wave of popularity and it is going to get even better.

Using movies to get more students
Remember the ‘Karate Kid' some 20 years ago how it created an explosion of interested in martial arts filling schools with new students worldwide. Well there is a new take on the film with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith which is going to be an even bigger hit and you can ride the wave to expand your school numbers too.

We are working with Sony Pictures to help promote the movie and promote martial arts throughout Australia. We have created a unique five stage advertising program (flyers, competition, web links, demos, special intros) that is guaranteed to bring you more students.
Members email us to get all the material at:

Duty of care
Over the years I have had numerous discussions with insurance companies about risks associated with running a martial arts school and how we can minimize accidents. One of the grey areas recently discussed was on ‘duty of care' and are instructors doing enough when an accident occurs whether it be in the dojo or in a tournament. It is a very complicate area of discussion because if you get it wrong your claim could be reduced leaving the school owner to pay the balance. I scary thought, so we thought it best to ask an expert so we will be interviewing Gavan Duffy Director of PSC Horsell very soon. In between times Gavan has put together some information that will help you reduce risk at your school. More info….

Gaining more credibility can get you more students
It's a well know fact that there is a large percentage of potential students and or parents of students who check the credentials of the instructors who will be teaching them and or their children. They look for things that they feel they can trust, like qualifications they can measure and affiliations to large industry bodies, media coverage, a website presence, directory listings and of course their first impression of the school. On our website (‘Instructor' section) we talk about what are the best qualifications to have and how you can to tick all the other boxes.

As a member of Martial Arts Australia you are seen as belonging to a Peak Industry Body and have therefore met a certain criteria which provides comfort and security to the public. You are issued with a ‘Certified Instructor' certificate, badge, card and registered with us which can be used as a marketing tool for you. We have now just released two new logo banners you can use in your promotional material and websites. We are also creating a new directory where you can be included, however this is not a normal directory you can only get in it if you supply certain material.

MARTIAL ARTS WEAPONS LICENSING CHANGES..... How Will Affect You! ..... Can You Have Your Say? An industry meeting was set up with the Victoria Police for you to find out more.
If you are not sure of where you stand with weapons licensing give us a call to find out when the next meeting is scheduled.

Business Seminars with Paul Mracek are running again and when they do they fill fast so watch for new dates on the Events Pages 'When you need more than martial arts skills to run your Club'
Find out more about a Businessman / Martial Artist with the skills and strategies to get your Club pumping!

Free Martial Arts Insurance
This is our recession buster competition for schools to win a 12 month martial arts insurance premium. The International Martial Arts Alliance will be giving away insurance packages to cover entire schools over the next year. Find out how you can enter now!



Regular First Aid Courses (Senior/Level 2) Martial Arts Specific are now available on demand under a fine tuned delivery mode that only requires you to take one day of practical training (one session like 10am-5pm)
$150 Full Course $50 for just CPR Contact IMA for details 03 9897 3213

Member Feedback (IMA having an impact on consumers)
We are getting feedback from instructors advising us that more and more new and existing students are asking if their school is a member of the ‘International Martial Arts Alliance' and wanting to know how the instructors gained their qualifications.

What the consumers are really asking is, ‘are you professional and are you governed or use a code of practice or guided by an overseeing orginisation / peak body'. Consumers want to be confident they are choosing the right club and are looking for schools that have met and operate by some form of industry standard.

Like every other industry there are professional / peak bodies that instill consumer confidence, so by purchasing from a member of that body, they feel safe and that the trainers in this case, are qualified to teach.
Go to full report

Working with Children Card (Instructors have until 30th June 2009 to obtain one)
The Working with Children (WWC) Check was introduced in Victoria in 2006. It is designed to assist in protecting children from sexual or physical harm by ensuring that people who work with, or care for, them have their suitability to do so checked by a government body.

People engaged in ‘child related work' are required to apply for a WWC Check. Under the Working with Children Act 2005



After 30th June 2009, if you were required to apply for a WWC Check but failed to do so, it will be an offence to engage in ‘child-related work' and penalties may apply to you and your organisation. Read the full story and get an WCC Info Pack!

Working with Children Information Session were held earlier in the year to inform instructors of how it all works. If you are starting up a martial arts school you need to have one. Like to be attend our ext information session held at:
The IMA HQ Unit 2 / 2 Kia Crt Preston Victoria
Working with Children information session (to be advised)
A representative of government will answer questions, give you information and take your applications on the day.

You helping make Martial Arts more popular in your region
In these uncertain economic times we may look at our club / business and think that we are going to lose students and possibly be forced to close the doors. When times are tough consumers cut back on their spending but still spend money on things that are important to them. For some alcohol, cigarettes and going to the footy are essential purchases while the majority believe that their health is the most important. Everyone knows if you haven't got your health your life sucks! The full story