Martial Arts Insurance

We only work with BROKERS that we trust to be around in the unlikely event you need them to pay out.
Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance for Martial Arts Schools can now be obtained from under for a fraction of what you are paying now!
The best prices in town don't come easy as we have been working with insurance companies for 12 years gradually building confidence with underwriters helping martial art schools to minimize risks in order to create a huge discounted group policy.

By covering 100,000s of martial artists which includes 100s of martial art schools and associations that now give us the buying power to secure the best rates and policy inclusions to make insurance accessible and affordable for every club.
Instructors do your homework and make sure your insurance policy actually covers you for your type of operation!
Don't get caught out paying for insurance that doesn't actually cover you!
*Does your insurance wording state that volunteers and contractors teaching for you are not covered under your policy and that only your 'Employees' are?

*Is paying a $5000 excess for each and every claim too much?
These questions and more can be answered when you contact the IMA
*International and Australia Wide Cover
(Conditions Apply)


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Martial arts instructors / school owners it doesn't matter what style you teach (Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Ju Jutsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ, Muay Thai / Kickboxing etc) you will get the best prices and essential cover through the International Martial Arts Alliance / Martial Arts Australia.

We know Instructors want to have peace of mind and be confident that their insurance cover has the correct policy wording and does not leave any grey areas.

As martial artists and business people we understand that it is essential to protect school owners in the unfortunate event they are sued. Are you confident that if you needed to claim your insurance broker will still be around to guide you through the process?


Best Prices - Peace of Mind - Association Back Up
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SMS: 0419 569 565 with the following text 'Quote me 50? Karate?
(include the number of club members & your style for a more accurate quote)
We will SMS you back and then follow up with a personal call to discuss all your options!

Small Schools save up to $1000, Bigger school saves $1000s
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What are you really covered for? informative link

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Risk Management Policy Article
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Qualifications Higher qualifications will reduce your insurance premiums


Free Martial Arts Insurance for your School / Club
This is our recession buster competition for schools to win a 12 month martial arts insurance premium. The International Martial Arts Alliance will be giving away insurance packages to cover entire schools over the next year. Find out how you can enter now!

Tournaments, Camps, Special Seminars Covered!
Been hit with lots of exclusions, high excesses and don't know what you are really covered for?
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