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The following suggestions we believe will give you the right ingredients to help you sustain or create a successful martial art school / club. The two articles below will also give you some great insights into you and the law.

Article on 'Risk Management' by Damien Martin

Article on 'Self Defence and the Legal System' by Damien Martin & Peter Rowe Qualifications for an independent school owner:

What is most accepted by industry, the corporate sector and government in our research: A minimum of 3 years training (800 hours), black belt/sash, Level 1 or 2 NCAS Coaching Accreditation or Cert III Sports Coaching or Fitness, Senior First Aid certificate QUALIFICATIONSHigher Qualifications are recommended such as: Cert IV Assessment Workplace Trainer, Cert IV Coaching/Fitness as this will help you to teach in the corporate / government area.


Raise your profile in the local area through newspapers, schools and community groups. Make sure your achievements are known (tournament wins, overseas training etc). Students want to train under a famous master so try to cater to that some way but not too much B.S. Self promotion goes a long way generally and then it becomes a reality, your become in demand. If you don't tell people how good you are who will? The stats show that 70% of your market place will respond favourably to this type of advertising. At the moment you have a great opportunity to raise your profile as a martial artist through an exciting TV Series called Australian Action Star so see if you can get an audition.

A good business plan and stick to it.

Business a Mentor:
Seek advice and support through an industry consultant to help you avoid the pitfalls. Mentoring Info!

These documents hold a lot more weight than they used to and form a very important layer of protection for you. It is not wise to rely on these by themselves because they may not be worded correctly and or they may not be accepted by a judge if the waiver is deemed unfair and slanted to much in the operator's favour. Make sure you have insurance to back it up. Example of waivers can be found in our member's section. Insurance:
Make sure you have it. Project your business, your students, and your livelihood. Insurance Info!

Obtain free advertising (use editorials) in publications to raise your profile to attract new students.
Free Marketing Design

How to promote your SchoolPolice Check / working with children card:
Will make you more acceptable teaching at schools, (as of July 2009 it will be law for anyone teaching children to have a working with children card which will be free for volunteers and a nominal cost for professionals).

More details on how to obtain this will be coming soon! Industry News:
Make sure you are kept in the loop to act upon any government changes. Learn new ideas, skills and training methods that could bring in more students. Network with other school owners.



Buying Group:

Join a group/association that can negotiate on your behalf for everyday items that will bring your running costs down. Example of some group deals through the International Martial Arts Alliance


Instructional DVDs:

Create your own instructional range of DVDs so you can earn a passive income when you're not on the floor teaching.

Making your DVDs

Cash Flow:

Make sure you have the funds to launch your school and don't have unrealistic expectations. Speak to your accountant and see a banker or financial consultant. Being able to take your students training fees on all levels will certainly help and one of the most important step is to obtain your own

Merchant Card Facility.