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The MARTIAL ARTS AUSTRALIA / MARTIAL ARTS ALLIANCE 'Member Pack' has lots of things to help martial arts school owners.

Membership Period is for many people is from February - February each year or lines up with your insurance polic.y

Members receive substantial benefits as listed below which include a special folder
('Welcome Pack") with certificate, card, badge, newsletter, DVD etc.... We are constantly adding
to our membership increasing the value but not the price so keep checking this list.

1. Instructor Certificate

2. Certified Instructor Card

3. Certified Instructor Badge

4. Industry registration & recognition

5. Receive monthly email newsletters

6. Martial Arts DVDs - create your own instructional DVDs

7. Martial Arts TV Online

8. Online resources in Business, Sports Coaching, Martial Arts Techniques

9. Discounts / Group Deals on heaps of services & products

10.Cheapest prices on Insurance - select a package that suits your operation

11. Free advertising of your events - Post on our events pages & newsletters

12. Free Graphic Design service

13. Free Martial Arts & Business Seminars

14. Opportunities to network with other instructors

15. Access to high Dan Ranking through our international grading panel

16. Access to discounts government approved courses

17. Opportunity to be featured in our TV Show - Covering your events / visiting your club

18. Pay Per View TV

19. Assistance in helping you make instructional DVDs

20. Business mentoring

21. Club Sponsorship - insurance, events etc

22. Access to the Martial Arts TV Channel - Get the action on your PC / Mobile

23. We help protect the industry - Working with government and corporations

24. We help promote all martial arts styles to the general public

25. Martial Arts IT - Register domain names, web hosting, SMS/Email broadcasting

26. We provide ways to earn a passive income when you are not on the mat

27. Get your own Online Martial Arts Equipment / DVD Mega Store

28. Partner Program

29. Financial Services

30. Insurance Deals


Yes that is incredible value and you are thinking how do we do it.
It's easy we don't get hung up on politics we share and exchange resources with
many other associations, media houses and corporations to help the industry grow!
Membership is not $1000s it is just as little as $100 per year




MEMBERSHIP FORM FOR ALL CATAGORIES - Contact Us to request a form.