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Promoting your martial arts school through TV and online is the most powerful medium to reach the right demagraphic and to have the best return.

If you are promoting an event you can get it posted for free in our EVENTS PAGES

If you want to raise your profile you can submit some Training Tip Photos to go into our TECHNIQUE PAGES so readers can get a snap shot of what you do. Prepare it like an article with text and optimised photos and we will create your profile article for Free.

Want to get on TV?
Our Martial Arts TV Series has been broadcast on C31 Melbourne and will casting from the website. However Series 2 looks to be bigger and better being broadcast on a major network and cast around the world. There are still spots for International Martial Arts Alliance Members to jump on board in our 'Visit a School' or 'Street Wise' sections at very reasonable prices.

Other online ideas:

Martial arts directories are really valuable for consumers to find schools to train at. Which directory is the right one for your martial art club? You can list in literally dozens of them like the yellow pages, sensis, community guides, printed magazines and online directories but what will give you the best return. You could spend thousands and not get the desired result you are looking for. Where will you get the most return with the least amount of investment? Well 80% of consumers search on the net and watch TV. As many of you are aware we do get thousands of consumers every month looking for places to train around Australia so we will be creating a new free directory for members shortly.

Do you have a website? If you do is it easily found because if people can't find you its just a nice postcard. The idea is to use the appropriate wording on your site that is search engine friendly. Registering with the main search engines like Google / Yahoo will be a good start to help people find you. Want to know how to get more trafic to your website well watch out for special business seminars or contact our office for personal mentoring.

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