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Welcome to International Martial Arts Alliance (IMA)
For Schools/Clubs located in Australia please Click here to go to the Australian site.

Telephone MAA: 03 8601 1124 - For overseas Call: +61 3 8601 1124

For over two decades our Martial Arts Network starting as the International Karate Alliance soon evolved into the Martial Arts Alliance (the association) and in early 2000 adding the corporate division, Martial Arts Australia to serve the local community. The same team that brought them altogether focues on promoting all forms of martial arts providing professional services to support it's members. Whether you are an instructor opening your first school or a large association wanting to expand, we provide a complete range of products and services to help you reach your maximum potential. We also liase with government and corporate bodies in developing industry standards that comply with current legislation.

The International Martial Arts Alliance (IMA) was established in 1993 by current Chairman Graham Slater, 7th Dan a 40+ year veteran of the martial arts. The group focuses on providing services to make martial art school owners more skilled and profitable. The Martial Arts Alliance works with thousands of martial arts schools / clubs and associations from virtually every discipline to help raise their profile and expand the industry. Martial Arts TV - Kapow TV is the latest thing that the International Martial Arts Alliance has done to promote martial arts to the general public as a safe and professional sporting activity for all ages. 

We track down products and services that reduce your overheads (eg: like martial arts insurance), whether you are starting up a martial arts club or taking one to new heights of professionalism membership is the tool you need. You can network with other successful school owners, you can attend free business / coaching seminars, you can raise your profile through our TV network, so read on and find out what other benefits membership brings.

 As we have grown to be the largest Martial Arts association based in Australia (3000+ clubs) we are now able to provide more services than any other associations in the world.

The International Martial Art Alliance has negotiated discounted group deals for many services and products that instructors have found hard to find, now available under the one roof. It's now possible for martial arts instructors to make just one phone call / email to find the cheapest prices on any number of products especially martial arts insurance.

The term Alliance is very descriptive in describing how we operate as being all inclusive and not being a dictatorship. IMA is an alliance of minds / expertise working towards a common goal od sharing knowledge and helping schools grow. Be aware of imitators, who use very similar URLs, branding and acronyms (MAA / IMA) and our Instructor Certification system that seek to ride on our popularity and success to deceive you. We know this can be confusing finding our original site / association that has the most credibility and services and this is why we feel we need to inform you of this deception.

Martial Arts has these elements – Character, Ethics, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Spirit whether you are training, teaching or doing the business, think about where you are coming from. Are you working in desperation (doomed to fail) or working with dignity and originality (building blocks for success).

We embrace all martial arts styles with thousands of clubs within our membership. Our large member base allows us to offer substantial group discounts and opportunities unavailable to small clubs and many other associations. Our members also have access to Industry recognised training courses (Australian Martial Arts Coaching System – AMACS to upgrade their qualifications / skills

When we say martial arts insurance we don't exclude any styles.
Many instructors are concerned they can't get cover for their Muay Thai school or Kickboxing Club, or Brazilian Jiu Jutsu / MMA Club. Some Karate and Taekwondo schools have concerns that their insurance policy doesn't cover tournaments, however the ones we offer include this in standard policy at no extra cost. We encourage instructors to ask questions about martial arts insurance policy wording especially if they are new to the game as everyone should know exactly what they are covered for. 

 It's now possible with so many services under one roof for martial arts instructors to make just one phone call / email to find the cheapest prices on any number of products especially martial arts insurance, websites, software, billing companies, business courses, video production, direct debit services to mention a few.

Save time and money tracking down the best deals by calling us first! 

Telephone MAA: 03 8601 1124 - For overseas Call: +61 3 8601 1124


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