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This is the place where martial art instructors and school owners can get quick answers to questions about the International Martial Art Alliance. You may want to know about martial arts insurance or qualifications or any number of things and you will find them all within this site.

Frequently Asked Questions
Everyone wants/needs to be in the loop. We will keep you informed about industry changes, fun news, important news, any news that might impact on the way you operate your school. We send you our Emag DVD magazine, newsletters and email news briefs. We direct you to our highly informative website, we will contact you by phone we may even knock on your door to do some training. We offer nationally recognized qualifications, discounted industry services and products, free advertising in our publications, special training seminars, showcase instructors and much more.
We have a common due date for all members to renew subscriptions on the 1st February each year. The insurance companies do this as well to keep the administration time down. This allows us to spend more time servicing the industry.
You will receive upon acceptance of your application a Welcome Letter, Certificate of Membership, Member/Discount Card, ‘IMA Certified Instructor' badge, our CD / DVD ROM video magazine and continued support, communication, networking and discounts on various services and products.
Yes however we think of it as not joining under the IMA but more of working together for the mutually benefit of all of our members.
Yes this is part of our service to instructors but they have to meet a set criteria. The IMA then sets a date and forms a grading panel and if the candidate is successful they are awarded a certificate for the grade they are going for.
Fill out the application form, include a copy of any relevant certificates to substantiate your qualification as a teacher, brief training resume and payment for membership.
No, everyone is required to fill out an application form and substantiate their qualifications. If an instructors does not make the grade we will assist them to meet our criteria. If that is not possible we will assist the instructor in another way free of charge. Some instructors maybe accepted on a probationary measure with the promise that they will up grade their qualifications within the year.
Yes you can in fact we give discounts on membership to Associations that have an arrangement with the IMA.

Another handy tip for running your martial arts school / club 
Not sure whether to become a card merchant or want to know how you can reduce your merchant rate?

It seems everyone wants to put all their purchases on a credit card or efpos and students act surprised when you say, ‘I only take cash'. Well its probably time to become a merchant and its not hard nor expensive. Most of the banks like Westpac, National, Bendigo, ANZ etc can help you over the counter. They normally start you off on a high rate of around 3.5-5% for each transaction but you can start off at a low rate (less than 1%) through our deal with the Westpac Bank.. How come? Yes we've done it again, as an IMA member you get this special rate. 
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