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1. The IMA's stated primary aim is to bring martial artists together to cross-train and share knowledge. What value would you place on this aspect of what the IMA does — what has it done for you personally as a martial artist and instructor?

After cutting my teeth on hard karate styles ‘Goju, Kyokushin & Shotokan' my view on martial arts was it had to be hard, fast and brutally power


Shi Xing Jun  Blitz interview

Interview with Shaolin Warrior Monk Shi Xing Jun Questions compiled by Graham Slater & Ben Stone (this is not the exact published version) 

Interesting note: Whilst Shi Jun was staying at his host's home in Box Hill he decided do some early morning exploring and jogged to Port Melbourne and back again without any assistance (over 40 kils round


Australiasian Fighting Arts magazine Vol 9 No 6 
Continuing Traditions of Shotokai Karate From Karate-Do Shotokai Association Australia 

FOLLOWING MASTER Gichin Funakoshi in the style of Shotokan Karate (later to be formed Shotokai Soyu Juku) was senior Shigeru Egami. After the loss of these two masters came another, who is still active in training today Master Yasuo Ikeda, (pass CONTINUE READING


Interview by Tai Chi & Chi Kung Instructor Morgan Buchanan (2001)

Is there such a place where martial art instructors can further their knowledge without any concerns over style,. grade or title? Well Graham Slater believes there is and he has created many places around the world for it to happen. It all proceeds under the banner of the International Karate Allianc


Bringing Martial Artists Together
(originally published in Australasian Martial Arts Nov 2000)

It's not a new thing Martial Artists putting their differences aside to train and learn from each other but, it just does not happen very often. However there is a large group established for over 7 years that has developed especially to bring martial artists together, it is called the International Martia


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