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This is the portal where you can find lots of martial arts articles, interviews, videos, techniques a gallery of photos along with heaps of newsletters for you to follow the Martial Arts Alliance's journey from 1993 and it's new divisions Martial Arts Australia in 2005, Martial Arts TV in 2006 and the Martial Arts TV Channel in 2009 spread over five websites.



Find heaps of articles on karate, kung fu kickboxing and all types of martial arts

Great place to find interviews of martial arts master instructors
Yes all the visual actions can be found in our Video Library along with Martial Arts TV
Learn cool martial arts moves on how to develop your skills in self defence and much more
Find lots of photos covering the history of the IMA and its Founder Graham Slater
Go back in time and read many of our monthly newsletters spanning 17 years


See what is coming your way Martial Arts TV Channel 
'Promo Video' 
(3 mins) 
Want to find more videos that you can not only watch on your PC but also on your mobile phone Martial Arts TV Channel

Please find our new Fight Shows Specials Flicker Book Catalogue here, just click the link to go to the flicker book and flick through all the titles.

NEW ARTICLE You are helping make Martial Arts more popular in your region 
In these uncertain economic times we may look at our club / business and think that we are going to lose students and possibly be forced to close the doors. When times are tough consumers cut back on their spending but still spend money on things that are important to them. For some alcohol, cigarettes and going to the footy are essential purchases while the majority believe that their health is the most important. Everyone knows if you haven't got your health your life sucks! 
The full story

We will be updating our material on a regular basis so please keep coming back. If you would like to submit an articles to us 
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