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There are many courses that instructors can undertake to have the appropriate qualifications to teach other than their given martial art.

We recognise that there are many orgainisations that have their own comprehensive instructor training programs that equip them to teach in a safe and professional environment. However with ever changing workplace safety rules and insurance requirements instructors need to look at qualifications / courses that will meet today's playing field.


Imagine that someone is hurt in your school and it is deemed an unsafe work environment and the instructor was deemed not qualified. Workplace safety breeches inpose up to $900,000 fines and or 5 years in prison and insurance may not have to pay out or can dramatically reduce the value of a claim leaving the instructor to pay any balance.
Make sure you are qualified to teach, down below are a number of courses / qualifications that Australian Martial Arts Instructors have undertaken over the years.

With many changes to government and nationally recognised training most of these courses are no longer available in Australia. One of the most relevant cources is the Australian Martial Arts Coaching System (AMACS) that is still available and is under development to provider even greater scope for instructors and club owners

SRF30206 - Certificate III Fitness (Gym Instructor or Group Exercise) 
SRF40206 - Certificate IV Fitness (Personal Trainer or Elderly/Child Trainer) 
SRF50206 - Diploma of Fitness

SRS20306 - Certificate II Sport (Coaching)* - Martial Arts specialization
SRS30306 - Certificate III Sport (Coaching)* - Martial Arts specialization
SRS40206 - Certificate IV Sport (Coaching)* - Martial Arts specialization
SRS50206 - Diploma of Sport (Coaching)* - Martial Arts specialization
(Other Sports specializations available upon application)

SRS40406 - Certificate IV in Sport (Athlete support services) - Strength & Conditioning
SRS40406 - Certificate IV in Sport (Athlete support services) - Massage Therapy
SRS50406 - Diploma of Sport (Athlete support services) - Strength & Conditioning
SRS50406 - Diploma of Sport (Athlete support services) - Massage Therapy

SRS40506 - Certificate IV in Sport (Development) 
SRS50506 - Diploma of Sport (Development)

TAA40104 - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA)

HLTCPR201A - Perform CPR
HLTFA201A- Provide basic emergency life support (Level 1)
HLTFA301B- Apply First Aid (Level 2)
* Note: First Aid qualifications need to be updated every 3 years, while CPR needs to be updated EVERY year.


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