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Instructors looking to get higher Dan Grades!
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I have had a lot of requests for instructors wanting to undertake higher Dan gradings and I haven't been able to fix dates for them. This is due to my schedule being so tight and not being able to lock dates in every state.

In the past I have been available to fly interstate on very short notice to coordinate grading panels and run seminars but unfortunately I have to spend most of my time stuck in the office. However I feel I have a better plan to make an IMA Grading a much more creditable and prestigious event so read on.

Embarking on your next Dan grade in my opinion should be a very memorable occasion as one would have put in a lot of hard work and sacrifice to reach. That said, how you perform and who witnesses your presentation is of real importance. You want to give it everything you have irrespective of whether you pass or fail and you want to be acknowledged by people you respect and respect you for your courage.

The IMA Grading system has been roughly based on the international karate timeline systems of the following:

1st dan – 2nd dan = 2 years

2nd dan – 3rd dan = 3 years

3rd dan – 4th dan = 4 years

4th dan – 5th dan = 5 years

5th dan – 6th dan = 6 years

6th dan – 7th dan = 7 years

This is based upon continuous training and contributions to the art. Although some systems give out grades for contributions to the art the IMA system requires a physical element of demonstration and teaching too.

We are going to make two dates per year one around June/July and the other November/December where instructors come to the IMA HQ to do their grading. The atmosphere and environment will be inspiring in our newly created traditional dojo and TV studio. We will create a panel with some of the best and most respected masters in the country. Participants will have a very special experience training alongside other instructors going for similar ranks. The idea will be for each participant to lead the group as a teacher, demonstrate their art and be directed by the panel. The panel will be there to witness, encourage, direct and assist in the growth of each instructor whilst evaluating their skills and knowledge to award the appropriate grade.

We will arrange the panel of masters however you can make recommendations and we will request their participation if possible. We will also supply the venue and assist in accommodation if required.

The procedure would be to train in the morning with the masters from the panel and in the afternoon perform the grading requirements.

You will have your own costs to get to the IMA centre and we will charge a fee for your grading which will include the seminar, lunch, certificate, belt and video of your performance. We will also have you as a guest for our TV program. If any teacher wants to create an instructional DVD series they will get special rates by doing it in the same period.

2nd dan = $750

3rd dan = $950

4th dan = $1200

5th dan = $1300

6th dan = $1500

7th dan = $2000

Some of the masters that have either sat on our grading panels or run seminars for our members: Patrick McCarthy, Vince Morris, Bill Wallace, John Gill, David McSporran, Alex Albert, Paul Mrcaek, Paul Strutt, Linc Hibbs, Terry Bradford, Tony Jackson, Bob Jones, Mike Kenna, Ivan Ratikic, Steve Nedelkos, Tony Ball, Darren Ball, Shi Jun,Neil Pitcher, David Snell, Anthony Jackson, James Sumarac, Kong Wing Loh, Bruce Hyland, Frank Palmieri, Dominic Amato, Terry Lim, Tang Lawei, Eng Chor Khor, Chris Pearce, David Snell, Bob Gibbonl, Paul Mracek, Mike Stone, Richard Norton, Peter Koegst to name a few.

If you would like to know more please contact us via email.

Gaining Your Next Dan Grade with Martial Arts Australia

For nearly two decades we have been forming creditable grading panels with experts from around the world to oversee the testing of instructors for higher dan grades. We have also linked up with various Regestered Training Orginisations (RTOs) to add courses to compliment dan grade acheivements which form the basis of new industry standards. If you have reached a point where you can't get a higher martial arts grade and want to be recognised for your on going teaching and contributions to the arts give us a call and we will guide you through the process. This is not a one box fits all it is a case by case assessment which may go over several months before graduating.


Instructors can now be certified with the International Martial Arts Alliance and be registered as internationally recognised instructors included in the price of membership. Your membership pack has: A Welcome letter of acceptance to the International Martial Arts Alliance, Qualified Instructor Certificate, Certified Instructor Membership Card, Certified Instructor Badge. (additional badges are available for other instructors).
How do you become certified?
Existing financial members will automatically be sent a certificate, card and badge upon renewal each year within their full kit. New members are required to fill in our member application form, add a training/qualifications resume and meet general industry standards for instructor certification and registration.
Members please keep updating your training history and qualifications with us so we can include them in your confidential file.

New Members not meeting the relevant qualifications will given assistance to obtain them. Credibility is essential in our industry, as martial art instructors need to be professional and qualified /certified in the eyes of the government, the corporate sector and to the general community. This is vital for the continued growth of our industry and of course the longevity of an instructors' school. The International Martial Arts Alliance has consulted with various industry bodies to be able to offer instructors a certification that will assist them in the sustainability of their school, (including obtaining cheaper insurance).
Would you like some assistance in choosing the right qualifications for your situation and to find out if you can obtain government funding for them?

Recognised Qualifications and Certification:
*International Martial Arts Alliance / Martial Arts Australia Instructor Certification / Regestration
*AMACS cources
*Selected Martial Arts Association Certification
*NCAS Levels 1+
*RTO / Tafe / University qualifications in Fitness, Coaching, Sport & Recreation, Assessment Workplace Trainer

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