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'I have been a member of the International Martial Arts Alliance since 1997, the rewards are many in being part of this organization. For any potential instructor looking in becoming a member of the IMA, it will be a positive move for them, as the International Martial Arts Alliance is a dynamic organization that continuous to move forward with the martial arts Instructors in mind.

All you have to do is look at what the International Martial Arts Alliance has to offer such as affordable and recognized colour and black belt rank , unbeatable insurance prices, I should know I saved this years almost 50% with a simple change.

The network of instructor working together and sharing is a true sign of friendship, the E-Mag has allowed Instructors to share and exchange ideas and techniques.

To sum up the International Martial Arts Alliance, this organization is at the forefront of the Martial arts industry, Instructors and Masters regardless of rank need to know up to date information on government issues relating to this industry or the best government qualifications.

The International Martial Arts Alliance via it's chairman Sensei Graham Slater will be able to provide this information and Instructors will find it to be of utmost benefit.'

Dr.Claudio Martinez, Renshi, Ph.D
Chief Instructor/Founder Jung Do Kwon (NSW)


'Tai Shi Kai Wado-Ryu Karate Academy has been a member of the I.K.A./I.M.A. since 6th February 1995.

Since that time my senior students and I have had the opportunity to attend many seminars and training workshops hosted by Shihan Graham Slater and other martial arts organizations. We have also had the opportunity to meet and train with some of Australia's and the World's top martial artists.
We have made many friendships with like minded people who genuinely want to share their knowledge and experience. I have been invited to weekend camps, have been asked to sit on grading panels, have had access to International Martial Arts Alliance.
Emags and training videos etc., have held demonstrations and seminars, have had access to higher dan gradings, have had access to affordable public and professional insurance for our organization and it's members, have enjoyed celebratory nights out and have learnt so very very much. As a member of the International Martial Arts Alliance,Tai Shi Kai WadoRyu has slowly grown to become the largest Wado-Ryu karate organization in Australia. We now have many Wado-Ryu karateka from around the world contacting us and dropping in to train with us.

I am deeply appreciative of all the work that Graham Slater has done for the International Martial Arts Alliance and it's members but most of all, I am gratefull for all of the help, support, encouragement and friendship that he has bestowed upon me over the past 11 years. Like the practice of martial arts, our friendship is something that is never ending.'

Thank you Graham.

Shihan Linc Hibbs 6th Dan
Australian Chief instructor
Tai Shi Kai Wado-Ryu Karate Academy (VIC)


'The International Martial Arts Alliance has become a constant reinforced reminder for us, a small Karate Club based in Adelaide, that we have a wealth of knowledge and support behind us and are a valued part of a much bigger picture.

As Members of the International Martial Arts Alliance we have been able to keep our doors open with reduced Insurance Premiums and being able to focus more on sharing, teaching and growing with our Members rather than raising funds just to stay afloat.

We are immensely grateful to Graham Slater Sensei for his ability to steer us in the right direction. The International Martial Arts Alliance website and E-Mag have been tremendous enlightening tools for me as a Senior Instructor - we are looking forward to long and valued association with the International Martial Arts Alliance.'

Andrew Grainger
Yu Ki Do Karate (SA)


'Thank you for the International Martial Arts Alliance Renewal Package which arrived today. I am very impressed with the level of service and professionalism the International Martial Arts Alliance offers!

I am also impressed with the quality of the items ( DVD, Patch etc ) that the International Martial Arts Alliance produces.

I thank you again for the wonderful service the International Martial Arts Alliance offers and hope to be a member for a very longtime indeed.'

Kind regards,

Ron Goninan ~ Chairman/Director.
White Crane Research Institute (NSW)

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