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Business Mentor Profiles

Welcome to our new column the 'Business Sensei' where we have some the best martial arts business heads in the world to give you tips on how to grow your school. This section will have monthly articles from all our contributors and you can start implimenting their proven fast track methods of success right away. My job is to introduce them to you and our resident business mentor Paul Mracek will take you through what's new each month. We will start off with a short profile on each contributor and have added links to more information on what they do and how you can get more personalised mentoring.

Graham Slater - Chairman

I'm looking forward to sharing my business tips with you and linking you to a whole load of resources through our specialist contributors. I will also be including a number of my published articles for you to draw from each month.


Paul Mracek - Business Coach

Paul is the 1st Certified OCFM Coach in this region after training personally with Russell Stutely one-on-one in Malta. He doesn’t try to hide information through long and complicated explanations, they are straight and to the point, they are easy to understand; he makes it so simple that anybody can reproduce the results day-in-day-out.

Paul is someone who has trained with the real deal MASTERS of self protection and MA’s, e.g. Dragon Society’s – Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker; OCFM’s – Master Russell Stutely, The Pressure Point and Self Defence Legend; Black Belt Academy’s – Master Thomas Hiew; Dunn Fu Tao – Master Colin Dunn and NMAA’s - Master Geoff Hutchinson.

For the last 25 years Paul has been in high demand as a very successful CEO for iconic multinational companies travelling and working all over the world. He knows what it takes and means to be successful in anything you do..he is a true Master both personally and professionally! Articles to help you...

Success is helped by surounding yourself with like minded people but more importantly people who have better or different skills than you. Next it is about trusting and accepting their direction.

"I work with Paul because he has a great set of both specialist skills and a range of diverse skills that has helped my business grow. Try him for yourself. " - Graham Slater

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